International coke & ferro alloys company

International Coke & Ferro alloys Company (I.C.C) has been founded since 1998 as a subsidiary from the (I.T.O.G) by Eng. Karim Ashmawy.
The company basically operates in the coal market through supplying Carbon products based on Anthracite raw material.
I.C.C main business includes processing highest selected rank of Anthracite into three major
products (Carbon Injection, Carbon Charge & Recarburizer)
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About us

ICC serve steel mills with annual capacity of about 350,000 metric ton and has been processing a well developed business network in the local market since 2001 along with the exporting activity globally to the middle east, African, European markets with an efficient, consistent and highly appreciated commitment to delivery schedules.
Thus, building up its own favorable corporate image and business reputation at home and abroad ever since it was established.
Also, I.C.C is considered as a well-differentiated player in the Ferro Alloy trading sector.
It locally supplies and exports all types of Ferro-Alloys as an essential ingredient for the manufacture of steel.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We are always ready to assist you.


I.C.C is seeking to achieve customer satisfaction and to exceed customers’ requirements by focusing on the following goals :

- Adding value & providing cost-effective quality products and services to its valued customers.
- Employing a diverse, innovative and results-oriented team motivated to deliver excellence to the customer
- Enhancing our competitiveness consistently and achieving profitable growth
- Applying a robust management system
- Conducting our business in a safe and hygienic work environment
- Offering Technical Services to our customers through providing them with integrated solutions based on our long term industry experience.


To be the Top Performing and Most appreciated Anthracite supplier in the international market.


Integrity: We attain the highest ethical standards in all of our business activities.
Professionalism: we strive to develop others and ourself to achieve full potential.
Commitment: We respect and respond courteously to our customers.
Leadership: We exert our utmost effort to maintain our pioneer position among carbon products suppliers worldwide as we believe that improvement is definitely a key component of I.C.C’s success..
Innovation: We anticipate the client’s demand and consider a broad spectrum of creative ideas and solutions


I.C.C welcomes ambitious, enthusiastic, expert and talented candidates to fulfill positions in all fields. also, fresh graduates are welcome to apply. We offer competitive salaries, attractive benefits, a collaborative environment, and exceptional opportunities for career growth for qualified professionals.

Please send your updated resume on :

Product Quality

The quality of our anthracite speaks for itself.

Our facility utilizes high technology machinery to produce our products with low-sulfur, low ash, low volatile and high carbon
In order to expand our product offerings, we have a state-of-the-art processing coal plant. Our lab is fully equipped with the latest well designed testing equipment that meets the international standards for sampling and analysis.. The combination of our employees’ experience and our sophisticated testing equipment guarantees that our product will meet the customer’s required specification. Inspection processes for imported material are conducted by quality assurance department. Moreover, every unit of material
is inspected through several phases of production. The concept of “Representative sampling”
is firmly applied to keep our products in a high and distinctive rank


8 Patrice Lumumba, Latin District, Alexandria, Egypt.
P.O Box: 898 Alexandria, Egypt Tel: +203/4953937/61/67/71 Fax: +203/4953935
Factory:4th Industrial Zone, Block 24, Part 10-17,Borg El-Arab, Alexandria, Egypt.
Tel: +203/ 4627101/4/5 Fax: +203/ 4627102

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